Interface TransactionSigner

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    CustomTransactionSigner, LocalTransactionSigner, MissingSigResolutionSigner

    public interface TransactionSigner

    Implementations of this interface are intended to sign inputs of the given transaction. Given transaction may already be partially signed or somehow altered by other signers.

    To make use of the signer, you need to add it into the wallet by calling Wallet.addTransactionSigner(TransactionSigner). Signer will be serialized along with the wallet data. In order for a wallet to recreate signer after deserialization, each signer should have no-args constructor

    • Method Detail

      • isReady

        boolean isReady()
        Returns true if this signer is ready to be used.
      • signInputs

        boolean signInputs​(TransactionSigner.ProposedTransaction propTx,
                           KeyBag keyBag)
        Signs given transaction's inputs. Returns true if signer is compatible with given transaction (can do something meaningful with it). Otherwise this method returns false