Class LocalTransactionSigner

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    public class LocalTransactionSigner
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements TransactionSigner

    TransactionSigner implementation for signing inputs using keys from provided KeyBag.

    This signer doesn't create input scripts for tx inputs. Instead it expects inputs to contain scripts with empty sigs and replaces one of the empty sigs with calculated signature.

    This signer is always implicitly added into every wallet and it is the first signer to be executed during tx completion. As the first signer to create a signature, it stores derivation path of the signing key in a given TransactionSigner.ProposedTransaction object that will be also passed then to the next signer in chain. This allows other signers to use correct signing key for P2SH inputs, because all the keys involved in a single P2SH address have the same derivation path.

    This signer always uses Transaction.SigHash.ALL signing mode.

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      • LocalTransactionSigner

        public LocalTransactionSigner()