Class TransactionSigner.ProposedTransaction

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    public static class TransactionSigner.ProposedTransaction
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class wraps transaction proposed to complete keeping a metadata that may be updated, used and effectively shared by transaction signers.
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      • keyPaths

        public final java.util.Map<Script,​java.util.List<ChildNumber>> keyPaths
        HD key paths used for each input to derive a signing key. It's useful for multisig inputs only. The keys used to create a single P2SH address have the same derivation path, so to use a correct key each signer has to know a derivation path of signing keys used by previous signers. For each input signers will use the same derivation path and we need to store only one key path per input. As TransactionInput is mutable, inputs are identified by their scriptPubKeys (keys in this map).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProposedTransaction

        public ProposedTransaction​(Transaction partialTx)