Class FilteringCoinSelector

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    public class FilteringCoinSelector
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements CoinSelector
    A filtering coin selector delegates to another coin selector, but won't select outputs spent by the given transactions.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilteringCoinSelector

        public FilteringCoinSelector​(CoinSelector delegate)
    • Method Detail

      • excludeOutputsSpentBy

        public void excludeOutputsSpentBy​(Transaction tx)
      • select

        public CoinSelection select​(Coin target,
                                    java.util.List<TransactionOutput> candidates)
        Description copied from interface: CoinSelector
        Creates a CoinSelection that tries to meet the target amount of value. The candidates list is given to this call and can be edited freely. See the docs for CoinSelection to learn more, or look a the implementation of DefaultCoinSelector.
        Specified by:
        select in interface CoinSelector