Class DefaultCoinSelector

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    public class DefaultCoinSelector
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements CoinSelector
    This class implements a CoinSelector which attempts to get the highest priority possible. This means that the transaction is the most likely to get confirmed. Note that this means we may end up "spending" more priority than would be required to get the transaction we are creating confirmed.
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      • DefaultCoinSelector

        protected DefaultCoinSelector()
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      • select

        public CoinSelection select​(Coin target,
                                    java.util.List<TransactionOutput> candidates)
        Description copied from interface: CoinSelector
        Creates a CoinSelection that tries to meet the target amount of value. The candidates list is given to this call and can be edited freely. See the docs for CoinSelection to learn more, or look a the implementation of DefaultCoinSelector.
        Specified by:
        select in interface CoinSelector
      • shouldSelect

        protected boolean shouldSelect​(Transaction tx)
        Sub-classes can override this to just customize whether transactions are usable, but keep age sorting.
      • isSelectable

        public static boolean isSelectable​(Transaction tx)
      • get

        public static DefaultCoinSelector get()
        Returns a global static instance of the selector.