Class UnitTestParams

  • public class UnitTestParams
    extends BitcoinNetworkParams
    Network parameters used by the bitcoinj unit tests (and potentially your own). This lets you solve a block using Block.solve() by setting difficulty to the easiest possible.
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        public static final int UNITNET_MAJORITY_WINDOW
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        public static final int TESTNET_MAJORITY_REJECT_BLOCK_OUTDATED
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        public static final int TESTNET_MAJORITY_ENFORCE_BLOCK_UPGRADE
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      • UnitTestParams

        public UnitTestParams()
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      • getGenesisBlock

        public Block getGenesisBlock()
        Description copied from class: NetworkParameters

        Genesis block for this chain.

        The first block in every chain is a well known constant shared between all Bitcoin implementations. For a block to be valid, it must be eventually possible to work backwards to the genesis block by following the prevBlockHash pointers in the block headers.

        The genesis blocks for both test and main networks contain the timestamp of when they were created, and a message in the coinbase transaction. It says, "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks".

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        getGenesisBlock in class NetworkParameters
        genesis block