Class RegTestParams

  • public class RegTestParams
    extends BitcoinNetworkParams
    Network parameters for the regression test mode of bitcoind in which all blocks are trivially solvable.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RegTestParams

        public RegTestParams()
    • Method Detail

      • allowEmptyPeerChain

        public boolean allowEmptyPeerChain()
        Description copied from class: NetworkParameters
        If we are running in testnet-in-a-box mode, we allow connections to nodes with 0 non-genesis blocks.
        allowEmptyPeerChain in class NetworkParameters
        true if allowed
      • getGenesisBlock

        public Block getGenesisBlock()
        Description copied from class: NetworkParameters

        Genesis block for this chain.

        The first block in every chain is a well known constant shared between all Bitcoin implementations. For a block to be valid, it must be eventually possible to work backwards to the genesis block by following the prevBlockHash pointers in the block headers.

        The genesis blocks for both test and main networks contain the timestamp of when they were created, and a message in the coinbase transaction. It says, "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks".

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        getGenesisBlock in class NetworkParameters
        genesis block