Interface EncryptableItem

    • Method Detail

      • isEncrypted

        boolean isEncrypted()
        Returns whether the item is encrypted or not. If it is, then getSecretBytes() will return null.
      • getSecretBytes

        byte[] getSecretBytes()
        Returns the raw bytes of the item, if not encrypted, or null if encrypted or the secret is missing.
      • getEncryptedData

        EncryptedData getEncryptedData()
        Returns the initialization vector and encrypted secret bytes, or null if not encrypted.
      • getEncryptionType

        Protos.Wallet.EncryptionType getEncryptionType()
        Returns an enum constant describing what algorithm was used to encrypt the key or UNENCRYPTED.
      • creationTime

        java.util.Optional<java.time.Instant> creationTime()
        Returns the time at which this encryptable item was first created/derived, or empty of unknown.
      • getCreationTimeSeconds

        default long getCreationTimeSeconds()