Class PartialMerkleTree

  • public class PartialMerkleTree
    extends Message

    A data structure that contains proofs of block inclusion for one or more transactions, in an efficient manner.

    The encoding works as follows: we traverse the tree in depth-first order, storing a bit for each traversed node, signifying whether the node is the parent of at least one matched leaf txid (or a matched txid itself). In case we are at the leaf level, or this bit is 0, its merkle node hash is stored, and its children are not explored further. Otherwise, no hash is stored, but we recurse into both (or the only) child branch. During decoding, the same depth-first traversal is performed, consuming bits and hashes as they were written during encoding.

    The serialization is fixed and provides a hard guarantee about the encoded size, SIZE <= 10 + ceil(32.25*N) where N represents the number of leaf nodes of the partial tree. N itself is bounded by:

    N <= total_transactions
    N <= 1 + matched_transactions*tree_height

    The serialization format:

      - uint32     total_transactions (4 bytes)
      - varint     number of hashes   (1-3 bytes)
      - uint256[]  hashes in depth-first order (<= 32*N bytes)
      - varint     number of bytes of flag bits (1-3 bytes)
      - byte[]     flag bits, packed per 8 in a byte, least significant bit first (<= 2*N-1 bits)

    The size constraints follow from this.

    Instances of this class are not safe for use by multiple threads.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PartialMerkleTree

        public PartialMerkleTree​(NetworkParameters params,
                                 byte[] bits,
                                 java.util.List<Sha256Hash> hashes,
                                 int origTxCount)
        Constructs a new PMT with the given bit set (little endian) and the raw list of hashes including internal hashes, taking ownership of the list.
    • Method Detail

      • buildFromLeaves

        public static PartialMerkleTree buildFromLeaves​(NetworkParameters params,
                                                        byte[] includeBits,
                                                        java.util.List<Sha256Hash> allLeafHashes)
        Calculates a PMT given the list of leaf hashes and which leaves need to be included. The relevant interior hashes are calculated and a new PMT returned.
      • bitcoinSerializeToStream

        public void bitcoinSerializeToStream​( stream)
        Description copied from class: Message
        Serializes this message to the provided stream. If you just want the raw bytes use bitcoinSerialize().
        bitcoinSerializeToStream in class Message
      • getTxnHashAndMerkleRoot

        public Sha256Hash getTxnHashAndMerkleRoot​(java.util.List<Sha256Hash> matchedHashesOut)
                                           throws VerificationException
        Extracts tx hashes that are in this merkle tree and returns the merkle root of this tree. The returned root should be checked against the merkle root contained in the block header for security.
        matchedHashesOut - A list which will contain the matched txn (will be cleared).
        the merkle root of this merkle tree
        ProtocolException - if this partial merkle tree is invalid
      • getTransactionCount

        public int getTransactionCount()
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)
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      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
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