Interface WalletCoinsReceivedEventListener

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    public interface WalletCoinsReceivedEventListener

    Implementors are called when the contents of the wallet changes, for instance due to receiving/sending money or a block chain re-organize.

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      • onCoinsReceived

        void onCoinsReceived​(Wallet wallet,
                             Transaction tx,
                             Coin prevBalance,
                             Coin newBalance)
        This is called when a transaction is seen that sends coins to this wallet, either because it was broadcast across the network or because a block was received. If a transaction is seen when it was broadcast, onCoinsReceived won't be called again when a block containing it is received. If you want to know when such a transaction receives its first confirmation, register a TransactionConfidence event listener using the object retrieved via Transaction.getConfidence(). It's safe to modify the wallet in this callback, for example, by spending the transaction just received.
        wallet - The wallet object that received the coins
        tx - The transaction which sent us the coins.
        prevBalance - Balance before the coins were received.
        newBalance - Current balance of the wallet. This is the 'estimated' balance.