Interface ReorganizeListener

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    NativeBlockChainListener, Wallet

    public interface ReorganizeListener
    Listener interface for when the best chain has changed.
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      • reorganize

        void reorganize​(StoredBlock splitPoint,
                        java.util.List<StoredBlock> oldBlocks,
                        java.util.List<StoredBlock> newBlocks)
                 throws VerificationException
        Called by the BlockChain when the best chain (representing total work done) has changed. In this case, we need to go through our transactions and find out if any have become invalid. It's possible for our balance to go down in this case: money we thought we had can suddenly vanish if the rest of the network agrees it should be so.

        The oldBlocks/newBlocks lists are ordered height-wise from top first to bottom last (i.e. newest blocks first).