Interface TransactionBag

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    public interface TransactionBag
    This interface is used to abstract the Wallet and the Transaction
    • Method Detail

      • isPubKeyHashMine

        boolean isPubKeyHashMine​(byte[] pubKeyHash,
                                 ScriptType scriptType)
        Look for a public key which hashes to the given hash and (optionally) is used for a specific script type.
        pubKeyHash - hash of the public key to look for
        scriptType - only look for given usage (currently ScriptType.P2PKH or ScriptType.P2WPKH) or null if we don't care
        true if hash was found
      • isWatchedScript

        boolean isWatchedScript​(Script script)
        Returns true if this wallet is watching transactions for outputs with the script.
      • isPubKeyMine

        boolean isPubKeyMine​(byte[] pubKey)
        Returns true if this wallet contains a keypair with the given public key.
      • isPayToScriptHashMine

        boolean isPayToScriptHashMine​(byte[] payToScriptHash)
        Returns true if this wallet knows the script corresponding to the given hash.