Class HexFormat

  • public class HexFormat
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class implements a subset of the functionality of the HexFormat class available in Java 17 and later. Its behavior is the same as an instance of Java 17 HexFormat created with HexFormat.of(). It is an internal class to support ByteUtils and may be removed in the future when and if we have a Java 17 baseline.

    Thanks to this Baeldung article.

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      java.lang.String formatHex​(byte[] bytes)  
      byte[] parseHex​(java.lang.String hexString)  
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      • HexFormat

        public HexFormat()
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      • formatHex

        public java.lang.String formatHex​(byte[] bytes)
      • parseHex

        public byte[] parseHex​(java.lang.String hexString)