Class HttpDiscovery

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    public class HttpDiscovery
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements PeerDiscovery
    A class that knows how to read signed sets of seeds over HTTP, using a simple protobuf based protocol. See the peerseeds.proto file for the definition, with a gzipped delimited SignedPeerSeeds being the root of the data. This is not currently in use by the Bitcoin community, but rather, is here for experimentation.
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      static class  HttpDiscovery.Details  
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      java.util.List<> getPeers​(long services, long timeoutValue, java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit timeoutUnit)
      Queries the addresses.
      java.util.List<> protoToAddrs​(PeerSeedProtos.SignedPeerSeeds proto)  
      void shutdown()
      Stops any discovery in progress when we want to shut down quickly.
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