Class NioServer

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    public class NioServer
    Creates a simple server listener which listens for incoming client connections and uses a StreamConnection to process data.
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      protected void run()  
      void triggerShutdown()
      Invoked by the Execution service when it's time to stop.
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      • NioServer

        public NioServer​(StreamConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
        Creates a new server which is capable of listening for incoming connections and processing client provided data using StreamConnections created by the given StreamConnectionFactory
        Throws: - If there is an issue opening the server socket or binding fails for some reason
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        protected void run()
                    throws java.lang.Exception
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        run in class
      • triggerShutdown

        public void triggerShutdown()
        Invoked by the Execution service when it's time to stop. Calling this method directly will NOT stop the service, call AbstractExecutionThreadService.stopAsync() instead.
        triggerShutdown in class