Class AbstractPeerDataEventListener

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPeerDataEventListener

        public AbstractPeerDataEventListener()
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      • onBlocksDownloaded

        public void onBlocksDownloaded​(Peer peer,
                                       Block block,
                                       FilteredBlock filteredBlock,
                                       int blocksLeft)
        Description copied from interface: BlocksDownloadedEventListener

        Called on a Peer thread when a block is received.

        The block may be a Block object that contains transactions, a Block object that is only a header when fast catchup is being used. If set, filteredBlock can be used to retrieve the list of associated transactions.

        Specified by:
        onBlocksDownloaded in interface BlocksDownloadedEventListener
        peer - the peer receiving the block
        block - the downloaded block
        filteredBlock - if non-null, the object that wraps the block header passed as the block param.
        blocksLeft - the number of blocks left to download
      • onPreMessageReceived

        public Message onPreMessageReceived​(Peer peer,
                                            Message m)
        Description copied from interface: PreMessageReceivedEventListener

        Called when a message is received by a peer, before the message is processed. The returned message is processed instead. Returning null will cause the message to be ignored by the Peer returning the same message object allows you to see the messages received but not change them. The result from one event listeners callback is passed as "m" to the next, forming a chain.

        Note that this will never be called if registered with any executor other than Threading.SAME_THREAD

        Specified by:
        onPreMessageReceived in interface PreMessageReceivedEventListener