Class BriefLogFormatter

  • public class BriefLogFormatter
    extends java.util.logging.Formatter
    A Java logging formatter that writes more compact output than the default.
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      java.lang.String format​(java.util.logging.LogRecord logRecord)  
      static void init()  
      static void init​(java.util.logging.Level level)
      Configures JDK logging to use this class for everything.
      static void initVerbose()  
      static void initWithSilentBitcoinJ()  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • BriefLogFormatter

        public BriefLogFormatter()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public static void init()
      • init

        public static void init​(java.util.logging.Level level)
        Configures JDK logging to use this class for everything.
      • initVerbose

        public static void initVerbose()
      • initWithSilentBitcoinJ

        public static void initWithSilentBitcoinJ()
      • format

        public java.lang.String format​(java.util.logging.LogRecord logRecord)
        Specified by:
        format in class java.util.logging.Formatter