Class LinuxSecureRandom

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    public class LinuxSecureRandom
    A SecureRandom implementation that is able to override the standard JVM provided implementation, and which simply serves random numbers by reading /dev/urandom. That is, it delegates to the kernel on UNIX systems and is unusable on other platforms. Attempts to manually set the seed are ignored. There is no difference between seed bytes and non-seed bytes, they are all from the same source.
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      protected byte[] engineGenerateSeed​(int i)  
      protected void engineNextBytes​(byte[] bytes)  
      protected void engineSetSeed​(byte[] bytes)  
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      • LinuxSecureRandom

        public LinuxSecureRandom()
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      • engineSetSeed

        protected void engineSetSeed​(byte[] bytes)
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        engineSetSeed in class
      • engineNextBytes

        protected void engineNextBytes​(byte[] bytes)
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        engineNextBytes in class
      • engineGenerateSeed

        protected byte[] engineGenerateSeed​(int i)
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        engineGenerateSeed in class