Class MemoryPoolMessage

  • public class MemoryPoolMessage
    extends Message

    The "mempool" message asks a remote peer to announce all transactions in its memory pool, possibly restricted by any Bloom filter set on the connection. The list of transaction hashes comes back in an inv message. Note that this is different to the TxConfidenceTable object which doesn't try to keep track of all pending transactions, it's just a holding area for transactions that a part of the app may find interesting. The mempool message has no fields.

    Instances of this class are not safe for use by multiple threads.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MemoryPoolMessage

        public MemoryPoolMessage()
    • Method Detail

      • bitcoinSerializeToStream

        protected void bitcoinSerializeToStream​( stream)
        Description copied from class: Message
        Serializes this message to the provided stream. If you just want the raw bytes use bitcoinSerialize().
        bitcoinSerializeToStream in class Message