Package org.bitcoinj.utils

package org.bitcoinj.utils
Formatting monetary amounts, representing exchange rates, a program for loading Bitcoin Core saved block files, a class to control how bitcoinj uses threads and misc other utility classes that don't fit anywhere else.
  • Class
    Find/create App Data Directory in correct platform-specific location.
    A simple implementation of TaggableObject that uses a hashmap that is synchronized on this object's Java monitor.
    This class reads block files stored in the Bitcoin Core format.
    A Java logging formatter that writes more compact output than the default.
    This class, a concrete extension of BtcFormat, is distinguished by its accommodation of multiple denominational units as follows:
    Enum for specifying the style of currency indicators that are used when formatting, either codes or symbols.
    This class, a concrete extension of BtcFormat, is distinguished in that each instance formats and by-default parses all Bitcoin monetary values in units of a single denomination that is specified at the time that instance is constructed.
    Instances of this class format and parse locale-specific numerical representations of Bitcoin monetary values.
    This class constructs new instances of BtcFormat, allowing for the configuration of those instances before they are constructed.
    A ThreadFactory that propagates a Context from the creating thread into the new thread.
    Thread factory whose threads are marked as daemon and won't prevent process exit.
    An exchange rate is expressed as a ratio of a Coin and a Fiat amount.
    Tracks successes and failures and calculates a time to retry the operation.
    Parameters to configure a particular kind of exponential backoff.
    Represents a monetary fiat value.
    A simple wrapper around a listener and an executor, with some utility methods.
    Utility for formatting and parsing coin values to and from human readable form.
    An object that can carry around and possibly serialize a map of strings to immutable byte arrays.
    Various threading related utilities.
    Caching counter for the block versions within a moving window.